Our Facility

Incorporating technology with well-appointed, comfortable surroundings, Nashville Research Group is known for its modern facility which helps clients succeed. Our facility can accommodate countless set-up options for your research studies.

  • A commercial test kitchen with 96-inch doors on the ground floor, ample prep space and the ability to create different configurations, making customization easy
  • Large focus group and viewing rooms allowing you to create the environment necessary for your study
  • Secure high-speed Wi-Fi accessible throughout facility
  • Complimentary stationary digital video (.wmv) & audio (.mp3) recordings.
  • FocusVision streaming video affiliate

Our facilities are fully customizable for taste tests, sensory tests, usability test, food/beverage testing, legal research / mock trials, self-administered online surveys and much more. As Nashville’s premier facility for market research, Nashville Research Group offers the support and resources needed for success.

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TNRG Floor plan