Nashville Research Group has been partnering with market research experts and agencies since 1984. Over the years, we have expanded and adapted our services to become one of the “World’s Top Research Facilities.” We add the special touch to ensure every client has all the resources necessary for a successful project.


NRG recruiters are extensively trained to ensure they completely understand the entire recruitment needs of each project prior to making the first call.

Quality over quantity is our motto! All completed screeners are validated daily by a NRG project manager. Our recruiters are praised for quality and NRG’s show rate regularly exceeds 97%!!!

High standards in MRA ethics and security. All NRG recruiters read, sign, and practice the MRA standards of ethics in data collection. NRG has an extensive security policy in place to protect sensitive aspects of the recruiting process.

Our recruiters are encouraged to note obstacles or issues during the recruitment process to ensure the client’s involved and has a continuous understanding of the project’s status. Our recruiter’s dedication will show!